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Sending a Christmas Gift to your Sponsored Child

There is no obligation for sponsors to make any additional contribution around Christmas, but many of our sponsors choose to send a small monetary gift. If you would like to brighten your sponsored child’s Christmas, please follow these instructions.

Where to send a gift

  • Directly to the Dublin office; we will forward 100% of your gift to your sponsored child/child’s family on your behalf and it will be acknowledged by your sponsored child or family member in due course. Please do not send money gifts directly to the project office as they will be returned to the Dublin office for auditing purposes.

How to send gift

  • Using this Payment Form.  If you wish, you can send a separate amount to your sponsored child and to the family.  You might also consider sending a gift to the project to allow all enrolled children to benefit. Alternatively, please consider sending a gift to our general fund to help us assist children who are currently awaiting sponsorship.
  •  Please note you do not need a separate payment form for each sponsored child. Please indicate on the form provided the amount you wish to send to each child.

Payment methods accepted

  • By Credit/Debit card: If you wish your money gift to be charged to your credit/debit card, please indicate your credit/debit number and the expiry date on the payment form, together with the security code.
  • By cheque/postal money order: All cheques, bank drafts and postal money orders should be made payable to ChildFund Ireland.
  • We do not have the authority to amend a Standing Order so if you make your sponsorship payments by Standing Order and wish to send a gift, please send your money gift by Debit/Credit card, cheque or postal order.

When to send a gift

  • As soon as possible; please note it will take at least two months for money gifts to reach the children.

      Please note

  •  Your money gift should range between €10 and €50 per child and a maximum of €100 per child’s family; there is no limit on the amounts you might wish to send to the project or general fund.
  • Due to the increased amount of admin work associated with processing Christmas/New Year gifts, we would appreciate if you could increase your remittance by a €5 handling fee.
  • As there are many children in every project who never receive a gift for Christmas please consider sending your gift to the project, which means that your gift will benefit all the enrolled children.


Non-Monetary Gifts                    

We do not expect sponsors to send additional contributions but for those sponsors that want to send a small non-monetary gift here are the guidelines.

Please send any cards, letters or non-monetary gifts (as outlined below) directly to the Child’s address on the information folder you received when you commenced your sponsorship. Please contact the office if you need us to give you the address.

Please do not send any large parcels to national offices, as these often involve significant customs duty charges for the project, and they will be returned to the sender.  Gifts should ideally be relatively flat, lightweight and durable.  Some appropriate ideas include:

  • Books – small/flat
  • Photographs – They are likely to become prized possessions! Send photos of your family, friends and your life (please send general situations rather than material wealth)
  • Drawings
  • Hair ribbon or Embroidery thread
  • Stickers
  • Paper dolls
  • Postcards
  • Poems or Stories
  • Colouring book pages
  • Birthday cards
  • Origami paper
  • Stationary
  • Pre-printed pages / pictures for children to fill out