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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does sponsorship cost and how does it help?
It costs €22 per month to sponsor one child.
Your monthly sponsorship donation provides critically needed services to your sponsored child, his/her family and their community.
Each programme is unique because ChildFund Ireland works directly with local groups and parent committees to identify and offer the services that address the most pressing needs of that community.
What are the countries where I can sponsor children? May I choose to sponsor a boy or a girl?
Yes, you may choose the country and the gender of the child.
May I write to my child?
Yes, we appreciate this very much. Please see our page on Contacting Your Sponsored Child or watch our video about writing to your sponsored child for more information. In addition to this you will receive annual progress reports and letters from your child.
May I send a gift to my child?
Gift packages present difficulties because of extremely high duties. Therefore, we recommend that you only send small flat items that can be included in an envelope (cards, pictures, a comb, stickers, etc.)

Alternatively, you may send money to ChildFund Ireland (not directly to the project) for a gift to be purchased for the child. 100% of your money gift will be transferred for your sponsored child and/or family and they will acknowledge receipt of the amount to you directly. Please remember to include a €5 handling fee in this. We recommend that you send no more money than €50 as a gift for an individual child. If you wish to give more, we ask you to consider making a gift to the community or to ChildFund’s general fund, in order to benefit a greater number of children.

May I visit my sponsored child?
Yes, we encourage sponsor visits! ChildFund Ireland can arrange for you to meet your sponsored child and family in their village. Please contact the Sponsor Relations Team at least 3 months ahead of your departure date so arrangements can be made and a police check conducted.

A project representative will accompany you during your visit. You will be required to pay any expenses incurred by yourself, your sponsored child and the national office/ project representative as part of the visit.

I do not wish to sponsor a child now, but I would like to help, what can I do?
You can make a donation to ChildFund Ireland to help the numerous children waiting for a sponsor or to be spent on a project, and remain anonymous if you wish.
What happens if I cannot continue as a child sponsor?

If your circumstances change and you can no longer sponsor a child, we will understand. We will find another sponsor for the child as soon as we can. The child will continue to be supported in the interim.
What’s the story with tax rebate?
If you paid tax on any income from 2013 onwards, please complete one of the following forms (explained below in further detail) and return to ChildFund:

CHY3 Cert

CHY4 Cert

Background to the tax back scheme:

Up to December 2012, the Government’s Tax Relief scheme allowed tax on donations made to ChildFund Ireland to be claimed back by ChildFund if the donors were PAYE workers only CHY2 Cert

However, from January 2013 the Tax Relief scheme changed to include all donors who paid tax on their income whether they were Self-Assessed or PAYE workers.

This means that if you donate €250 or more in one calendar year, ChildFund can claim tax back on your gift, whether you are a PAYE worker or self-assessed.  For example, a typical sponsor’s contribution of €264 could be increased to €382.60.

From 2013 there are two types of tax rebate certs that can be completed by Donors depending on their preference, an Enduring cert or an Annual cert.

The CHY3 Cert is an Enduring Cert and allows ChildFund claim back tax on any donation made by a sponsor for the next five years , or a CHY4 Cert which is an Annual cert completed by a sponsor allowing ChildFund claim back tax on their donation for the previous year.

We need your help to make this happen!  Please complete the cert to release these additional funds and help your generous donation make an even bigger difference in the lives of vulnerable children.  Just imagine how much more good we could do if every ChildFund Ireland supporter did this.  If we do not receive a tax rebate form from you, the money remains with the Revenue Commissioner.

The new CHY3 Cert is an Enduring Certificate which means no more annual form filling. By signing it, you give ChildFund permission to claim back the tax on any donation you may make to us every year for the next five years. Each year we will make contact with you to ask if we may use the enduring cert for that year. Should you not wish to sign an Enduring cert and prefer to complete An Annual Cert CHY4, please download here.  If you are unable to print these forms, please contact our office today on 01-6762128 or Freephone 1800 22 10 10 to request one.  We kindly request that you sign the Tax Rebate Cert and insert your PPS number. Then return the form in a FREEPOST envelope to:

ChildFund Ireland,
22 Windsor Place,
Dublin 2

Alternatively, you can sign, scan and email the form to us at info@childfund.ie, along with your sponsor reference number if appropriate.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions below or visit www.revenue.ie for additional information

What methods of payment are acceptable?

Sponsorship payments can be made by Debit/Credit Card, Direct Debit, Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Draft.

Sponsorship can be paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Where can I get a Sponsorship Payment Form?

If you wish to make your sponsorship payments by cheque, cash or money order, you can do so by downloading the Payment Form.