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€42,500 in just six weeks – an update on our Philippines appeal
Jan 24, 2014

Within hours of Typhoon Haiyan’s massive destructive force being broadcast, ChildFund’s generous supporters were on the phone, on our website and sending letters – all generously donating to our Philippines Emergency Fund.

Within six weeks we found that your donations had reached an amazing €42,500 and counting. This message form Meriam Blancaflor in our Philippines office shows what a difference this support has made for children and their families in the areas devastated by this disaster.

“I am currently in Ormoc City for our emergency response. On behalf of the Philippines Office, please extend our gratitude to all our sponsors who shared their resources to help our children and families affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

ChildFund Philippines is not only helping our enrolled children but other children in areas that we identified to be our response areas.

Particularly in Ormoc, we have already completed distribution of food packs to 5,149 families and non-food items containing hygiene kits, kitchen utensils, blankets and towels to 1,415 families. We also established three Child-Centered Spaces where psychosocial activities are being conducted. We already have reached around 700 children ages 2-14 years old. Thank you for thinking of us here.”


Our Chief Executive, Michael Kiely, explains how proud we are of the fantastic generosity from the Irish people”

“I am repeatedly amazed at the incredible generosity of the Irish people.  When one thinks of it, we were in the toughest of austere times and coming up to Christmas, yet the devastating pictures of Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines caused the Irish to reach effortlessly for the wallet, to donate, to help their fellow human beings and show that distance doesn’t matter.  Among the generous are the long-time sponsors and friends of ChildFund, along with newcomers to our cause, who together raised an amazing €42,500 in just six weeks.  100% of the fund has been transferred to the field.  Thank you for your repeated generosity…”

How Your Donation is helping

With an established presence in the Philippines, ChildFund was able to respond to the disaster immediately. Following rapid assessments, we have been focussing on the hardest hit areas of Ormoc City, Tacloban City, Palo and Tolosa in Leyte, Bantayan Island in Northern Cebu and Roxas City.

ChildFund’s response is divided into two phases: Relief and Recovery. Interventions will be in the areas of:

Relief Stage:

  • Distribute Food items and Non-food items
  • Establish Child-Centred Spaces (CCS)
  • Address immediate health needs
  • Re-establish & support basic education
  • Address maternal & child health & nutrition

Recovery Stage:

  • Restore Livelihood
  • Rebuild community based child protection structures
  • Re-establish education
  • Administer psychosocial support
  • Address health, reproductive health and nutrition
  • Disaster risk reduction and management training

During the initial Relief Stage you helped us make the difference between life and death. Now, as we move on to the Recovery phase, your continuing support will help us rebuild the families, homes and livelihoods that Typhoon Haiyan shattered. Thank you so much!


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