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“Poverty causes violence”
Aug 14, 2013

Bhajamana is a 12 year-old boy who lives with his parents, his grandmother and his two sisters in India. His mother and father work on the land and Bhajamana is in grade six at school.

When we asked Bhajamana what he thought were the main causes of violence against children in his country, he was very clear: “Illiteracy and ignorance of the parents and poverty condition of most of the families are what makes violence for children in our country.”

When we asked him to explain a little more, Bhajamana told us: “Children who come from poor families are made to go out and work. Their parents don’t have an education so they don’t see school as important. They don’t understand about proper health care. This creates a lot of violence against children in the country.”

Education is the key to a safer, healthier upbringing

These are amazing insights from a 12 year-old boy who clearly understands that education is the key to protecting children and helping them to grow up safely.

ChildFund Ireland has been sponsoring children in India for 17 years. We know that as well as giving children the knowledge and skills they need for a better future, school brings many more benefits, including access to vaccination, health and hygiene programmes, which can prevent illness and literally save lives.

School makes each child visible within the community, so that if he or she drops out of school or is subjected to violence or abuse, there is a much greater chance that something will be done.

If I was Prime Minister…

Finally we asked Bhajamana what he would do if he were Prime Minister of India. I would make new laws to protect children. I would also make safe places for those who are orphaned”, he told us, showing wisdom well beyond his young years.

Could you sponsor a child?

By sponsoring a child you will give children in their own communities life-changing opportunities, which may change their outlook forever. It’s rewarding too, as you watch your Sponsored Child grow and share the challenges in his or her life.

Some of the children in our programmes have gone on to university and many have got good jobs, all because someone like you decided to open a door when it really mattered. Why not sponsor a child with ChildFund and give children the chance of a better, safer future, just like the one Bhajamana hopes will come to every child in India one day.

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