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Direct Action

Direct Action is a great way for you to support small community projects that will make a huge difference in children’s lives.

Direct Action donations are used to fund immediate, small-scale interventions in areas such as:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Child Protection

The idea is that your donations help to get them set up. The community then takes over the running of the project and your donations will help us to set up a new project.


Current Direct Action project:

Location: Okwece, Mutunda Sub-County, Kiryandongo District , Mid-Western Uganda
Target: €4,600

School Girls Playing - Uganda

School Girls Playing – Uganda


With financial support from Irish Aid, ChildFund is currently working on a programme to improve early childhood development (ECD) in Uganda. As part of our goal to help improve the development of children we want to provide a selected school with good playground facilities.

A new ECD centre for children has been built in Okwece in the Kiryandongo District of mid-Western Uganda. It lies approximately 225 kilometres Northwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. The Okwece centre (pictured below) is the only ECD centre that meets basic standards in the area, and as such is viewed as a model centre from which best practices are copied by other satellite ECD centres. The installation of improved external play materials will provide a good example for the other centres to aspire to, and ultimately that will benefit many children. By leading the way, Okwece can help encourage the development of play facilities for kids in other education  centres, and help establish the importance of providing these for children’s development.


The New ECD Centre for Kids at Okwece in Kiryandongo, Uganda.  We want playground facilities to fill this picture and we want children playing there!


What exactly is ECD and why is ‘playing’ so important for Children’s development?   

The simplest way to think about it is that ‘play’ is children’s work! It provides a powerful link to learning, growth, and development. Play can influence the development of social competence, intelligence, language development and creativity. It is a natural, universal experience that is grounded in everyday life processes. Throughout the world, children play alone and in groups, actively creating meaning and exploring their environment. Play is central to children’s learning, regardless of the actual content. The process of play is a powerful, multifaceted learning experience.

Kids play in a Playground at a ChildFund ECD Centre in Fantale, Ethiopa

Kids play in a Playground at a ChildFund ECD Centre in Fantale, Ethiopa


Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to the holistic development of a child from the prenatal stage up to about eight years, and it includes physical, cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional development.  This learning and development occurs in a variety of places including the home, and it involves a range of activities from child care to nutrition to parent education. As children get older, their understanding and engagement with the world around them increases, starting with ECD centres and moving into the formal education system.

ChildFund’s programme in Uganda supports children, their families and their communities to improve the quality of ECD services that are available to the poorest children.  It includes the construction or redevelopment of early childhood development centres, and the provision of play materials.  As play is such an important element of ECD.  It is hoped the Okwece centre will be equipped with a basic but safe supply of indoor and outdoor equipment and as such, materially affect the lives of the children who attend there.

If possible ChildFund hopes to expand this Direct Action project to other ECD centres in the near future.

Winny, 8, and her friends have fun at school.

Winny, 8, and her friends have fun at school.


Playgrounds provide crucial and vital opportunities for children to play. There is substantial research showing the clear link between play and brain development, motor-skills, and social capabilities. Emotional, social, motor and cognitive learning is accelerated, facilitated, and fuelled by the pleasure of play. Aside from the positive impact it has on children’s development, we should not forget also that every kid deserves to laugh, to have fun and to be happy playing with their friends. What better way than playing in the school yard on purpose built facilities designed for this very purpose?

It is proposed to equip the Okwece centre with the following: 3-person Swing, Double Climber, Slide & Balance, See Saw, Platform, and a Merry-Go-Round. We are trying to raise €4,600 for this programme and we need your help and good will to get there! Your donation can help, not just childhood development, but to put a smile on hundreds of children’s faces.

Please donate now to make this project happen!