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Where do Children Feel Safest? ChildFund’s SVBD 2015 Survey Can Help Us Find Out
Jun 2, 2015

ChildFund is conducting its global survey of children to determine the things that trouble them most, and help identity how we can best help them.  Small Voices Big Dreams 2015 is an important opportunity for children’s voices to be heard.  We want to hear from children between 10-12 and we need your help..

Hannah & Alannah (both 10) from Ireland

Hannah & Alannah (both 11) from Ireland

We need your help completing a worldwide survey of children’s views on Child Protection issues for the 2015 “Small Voices, Big Dreams” Survey.

We are looking for children who might be interested in doing this survey.  If you have, or know of any children aged between 10 –12, within your family, wider family, or circle of friends who might be suitable, we would be very grateful if they would consider completing an online survey.  The deadline to complete the survey is 22nd June 2015.

The survey has 6 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Your child can complete the survey via survey monkey by clicking:  HERE

The idea behind the survey is to give a voice to children on the issues that affect them.   As parents, carers or guardians, we can always speak for children in their best interests but SVBD 2015 gives children the microphone, it allows them to tell us how they see the world, through their eyes – what is important to them, what kind of priorities do they think their parents, carers or guardians should have?

Last year over 7000 children from 47 countries took part.

This year the theme for the survey is Child Protection, in line with the advocacy activities of the ChildFund Alliance. The results will be combined into a report giving a global snapshot of children’s attitudes and experiences around the world.

To see the result of the 2014 Small Voices Big Dreams survey please click HERE

Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and support – we look forward to sharing the results with you on our website later in the year.

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