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Squish the Mosquito – New ChildFund App
Nov 14, 2011

New App from ChildFund Makes It Fun to Help

With the new app-game from ChildFund, ”Squish the Mosquito,” families can contribute to the fight against malaria while having fun. By merging entertainment, learning and fundraising into one unit— a game – ChildFund hopes to increase awareness of malaria in Denmark and to raise money for assisting children and their families world-wide.

Fun to Give
”Fundraising, these years, is radically changing. And one of the new trends is what has been called funraising. In Childfund, we focus in the health of children world-wide, and because of that, raising money in a fun way that involves our own children makes great sense,” says Marianne Schou Delkus, Head of Communication in ChildFund Denmark.

Fun to Learn
The purpose of ”Squish the Mosquito” is to squish mosquitos in a rapidly increasing pace to prevent them from biting the young African girl, Elisa and her family. The game is inspired by reality and uses situations where mosquitos are active, e.g. when cooking at dusk or when Elisa is getting water from the pond.

”First of all, ‘Squish the Mosquito’ is fun to play. But at the same time we have chosen to include an element of learning. This is why the game is based on real situations. The app, however, is first and foremost a fun game and it is made with passion and great care for the children who are meant to play it,” says Marianne Schou Delkus.

Malaria is a Huge Problem
Every year, millions of people are affected by malaria. In 2008, malaria was the cause of 20% of all child deaths– that is one child dying every 45 seconds due to malaria. And though malaria is decreasing in some parts of Africa, help is still needed world-wide. Malaria is both preventable and treatable. All it takes is medicine, and, before that, awareness.

The new app is available at Apple’s AppStore for the price of 2$.
Find more information about the game and malaria at www.squish-the-mosquito.com.

Head of communication Marianne Schou Delkus, msd@bornefonden.dk, phone (0045) 26739128
Childfund Denmark – Jagtvej 157 – 2200 Copenhagen



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