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How Your Sponsorship Helps

ChildFund uses your sponsorship contribution of €22 per month to provide your sponsored child with what he or she needs to develop and grow as a healthy child.

Your monthly sponsorship is combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area, so that all girls and boys will benefit. As soon as sponsorship funds arrive at the project, there is a robust system of checks and balances to make sure that the funds are used, as planned, for the benefit of the sponsored children. These controls include comprehensive auditing of projects, onsite reviews, auditing of national offices and budget evaluations. In all cases, key critical indicators are tracked and monitored. This is how we ensure that your sponsorship donations are properly used and are truly making a positive difference in your child’s life.

You can correspond with your sponsored child through letters and photos. You are not required to write, but hearing from sponsors is very meaningful to your sponsored children. It boosts their self-esteem and so much more.

Regular updates about your sponsored child will be sent to you from the ChildFund Project Office in the Child’s country of origin. This allows you to monitor his or her progress.

Sponsor Visits are welcome! If you can make the trip, ChildFund staff will arrange a visit for you to meet your sponsored child.

Sponsorship Locations

ChildFund Ireland sponsors help children, families and communities in the following countries:

The Philippines
Sri Lanka

Meseret’s Story

Meseret is from Ethiopia. She is sponsored by Tony and Mary from Ireland. By sponsoring Meseret, Tony and Mary are improving her changes in life, and they are also supporting Meseret’s family and her entire community. This is one of the great things about ChildFund’s sponsorship programme: everybody benefits from it! Watch the video below and learn more about how sponsorship helps.

More than 2,500 Irish people like Tony and Mary sponsor children through ChildFund Ireland. A huge part of sponsorship is the connection you can make with a child and their community in another part of the world – it is truly an enriching experience for both the sponsors and the sponsored children. You can be part of this: sponsor a child today!

Watch it on YouTube: Meseret’s Story: How Sponsorship Can Change Lives