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Community Led Programmes

Communities understand their own needs best.

For this reason, the decision of which programmes to implement with sponsorship funds is left up to them.  Depending on the local assessment of needs, your sponsorship helps to do the following:

  • Facilitate education programmes about HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment & counselling
  • Set up Community Clinics treating diarrhoea, malaria and other illnesses
  • Provide clean water so children don’t die as a result of preventable diseases
  • Improve existing health services
  • Provide information on the care of infants
  • Encourage breast feeding
  • Provide nutrition education for parents
  • Monitor children’s growth
  • Stress the importance of play, stimulation and child safety
  • Build community wells and boreholes
  • Provide food for children in the future by improving farming techniques in communities
  • Build and equip schools
  • Help train teachers so children can learn and break from the poverty cycle
  • Run child and adult literacy programmes
  • Empower children to participate in decision making

In emergencies, such as flooding or conflict, ChildFund, with the help of local volunteers, provides secure areas for children so they can play and learn in safety with access to medical care, clean water and food while their communities try to rebuild.