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Mozambique – Tropical Storm
Feb 1, 2012

There are 129 children sponsored in Zavala, Mozambique by Irish sponsors through ChildFund Ireland.



Tropical Depression Dando made landfall over the coast of Mozambique in southern Africa earlier last week. Dando is the first storm to hit this part of Mozambique since the infamous Tropical Storm Domoina in 1984, according to the UK Met Office.   Tropical cyclone Dando hit southern Mozambique and flooded the homes of approximately 247 families in Maputo city and Matola.  Dando caused serious damage in Gaza affecting 2,640 houses and 169 schools. Schools were also affected in Inhambane province, in the district of Zavala (ChildFund operating area) where over 81 class rooms (including a dormitory for more than 200 female students) were damaged.

In Zavala, the majority of the schools were partially destroyed (roof and walls of the classrooms ripped off), education materials like books and administrative files soaked in water. The roof of the health post was ripped off and the health staff house destroyed. The food crops and cash crops were extensively destroyed as well as fruit trees. The roads were blocked and phones were cut off and there were frequent electricity cuts. Due to the flooding  Maputo was temporally  cut off from the other parts of the country including Zavala following the washing away of a section of the main road (National Road #1) linking the Northern and Southern parts of the country.  However, the governmental department of public house has restored the communication between south and north fixing the section affected.

In Northern Mozambique, Zambezia and Cabo Delgado tropical storm Funso made landfall unleashing heavy rains. It is reported that 16 people were killed and over 1500 hectares of various crops were lost.

At United Nations level, a technical committee of disaster management (CTGC) composed of Government of Mozambique and members of the humanitarian country team (HCT) gathered together last week to evaluate the impact of the current rainy and cyclone season.  As a preparedness measure, the CTGC declared an Orange alert to ensure that all emergency actors were ready to intervene.  At national level, the national Institute of disaster management (INGC) also activated its operations in coordination with other humanitarian organization operating in Mozambique. At provincial level, and particularly at district level (Zavala) the local emergency committee was activated and ChildFund is represented in this committee by the area office staff.


In response to this situation, ChildFund conducted a rapid assessment in Zavala district. ChildFund also provided logistic support to Zavala district government emergency committee during the assessment exercise conducted by the government jointly with ChildFund and other stakeholders.  A concept paper was developed and approved in order to respond to the calamity in Zavala district. The main areas of response are: Education, Health, and Food security.


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