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Lighting Up The Future For Children in India
Nov 16, 2015

In parts of India literacy rates are poor.  One of the practical reasons for this is that children in dark homes without electricity don’t have sufficient light.  ChildFund is addressing this problem with phase two of the Books, My Friends initiative.

ChildFund India distributed Solar lanterns to children under its campaign Books, my Friends' 2nd Phase.

ChildFund India distributed Solar lanterns to children under its campaign Books, my Friends’ 2nd Phase.

In June, ChildFund India distributed nearly 40,000 solar-powered lamps to children in homes without electricity, as phase two of a national literacy campaign called Books My Friends .  Phase one of the campaign, in December 2014, saw our India staff members, with the help of local partner organizations and others, distribute some 40,000 tote bags full of age-appropriate books, in several languages. About 115,000 children have benefited from the program, which aims to make reading fun and also help them improve their literacy skills.

According to India’s Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) for 2014, many children are behind grade level in their reading skills. Among eighth-graders, about 75 percent can read at second-grade level, while 32.5 percent of second-graders can’t even recognize letters.

Towards a Better Future - Solar lamps Aid Children's Reading & Help Improve Literacy

‘Towards a Better Future’ – Solar lamps Aid Children’s Reading & Help Improve Literacy

In this second campaign phase, called Toward a Brighter Future, children have received solar-powered lamps that allow them to read, do homework or other activities after the sun goes down.

“For me, my education is very important,” says Aarathi, who got a lamp. “I don’t like missing school even for a single day. Now that I have my own solar lamp, I can study any time and anywhere. It’s so convenient and easy to use these solar lamps. We also use these lamps for doing group studies outside our houses.”

Although the lamps’ primary purpose is to help children study after dark, they also make it easier for family members to do household chores. “Earlier we used to use wax or kerosene candles,” recalls Jayamma. “With the slightest blow of wind, the candles would go out. We also used to feel hot while using them. Having a solar lamp is great. We don’t face any of those problems with this. My mother finds it very convenient to cook using this lamp.”

And for some, the solar lamp has a totally different benefit. “Now we can also play after dark outside our houses using these lamps,” say Prathibha and Swathi.

After the successful implementation of this second phase, ChildFund India plans to open two solar-powered model schools, more than 100 libraries in rural schools in 14 states and introduce mobile libraries, which will provide access to high-quality reading material and dedicated reading space for children and other community members.

Special thanks to Rashmi Kulkarni of ChildFund India for this report. 

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