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ChildFund Impact Report 2018
Feb 7, 2019

The Impact 2018 report shows what ChildFund has achieved in its mission to eradicate violence, abuse and exploitation from children’s lives, and what work still needs to be done.

Aaron (4, right) and Isaac (4, left) wash their hands at a kindergarten in rural Mexico decimated by an earthquake in September 2017.  ChildFund used its emergencies fund to rebuild the school. Photo: Paloma Gonzalez, ChildFund Mexico


Dublin, 7th February, 2019: ChildFund/Brian MacNeill 

Often when we talk about issues relating to child protection, child rights and child welfare, we do so using the word ‘urgent’.  That’s because the need to protect children from all forms of violence, exploitation or abuse should be considered nothing less than a global emergency.

One child suffering, or being excluded, or exploited is one too many but research tells us that this is the unfortunate and unacceptable experience of millions of children right across the world, daily.

From extreme physical discipline and sexual abuse, to exploitative labour and forced marriage; harm is inflicted on children in homes, schools, institutions and communities, most commonly by adults who are responsible for their care and protection.  In 2016 for example, over half the 18,626 children surveyed by ChildFund, in 13 countries, reported exposure to violence at school.    While violence can happen anywhere, and at any stage of childhood, factors such as poverty, gender inequality or harmful social and religious norms, like a tolerance of female genital mutilation in parts of the world, make some children and youth more vulnerable to harm.

ChildFund is committed to changing our world and challenging norms that perpetuate violence, abuse, neglect, exclusion or exploitation of children.

Guided by the Destination 2020 strategy, ChildFund is strengthening its child protection work around the globe to ensure that progress that has been made for children is not undone.   One way this is being tackled is by investing in child protection mappings, new monitoring and evaluation data, and innovative research studies.    Measures like these can help us better understand the factors that render children vulnerable to violence, as well as those that protect children at different stages of childhood.    ChildFund is using this knowledge to tailor its programmes in response, and to strengthen its overall child development work.   The 2018 Impact Report is a guide to how ChildFund is moving forward in its mission to create a safer world for children, and eliminate voilnce from their lives.

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